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Town of Éguilles




Infodécor scénique, Mapping architectural


Éguilles, Heritage night 2014

One summer night, a violent storm breaks out in Éguilles and lightning strikes the castle clock. The shock breaks the clock into 4 pieces, thus freezing time and the Aegyans, while each piece is projected into 4 unknown worlds.
It is then that the street lamp present from the beginning begins to sparkle and ends up revealing its true source of light... a brilliant and astonishing firefly which will escape and guide the viewer into the heart of a crazy adventure. Thanks to the complicity of a narrator, the audience will have to write their own story. He will have to make choices and give energy to the firefly by waving real glow sticks.
The opportunity to teleport to various fantastic worlds: Roman Era, Middle Ages, Inca Temple, Western, Futuristic Éguilles.
In this magical quest, the eguyans will have to find all the parts of the clock to restore time in the city and free themselves from this situation, then found frozen on the town hall square after this love at first sight.
On a fantastic theme, the public will play at reworking history with heritage, creating completely unexpected situations in Éguilles. A live show whose only actor is its audience.
An invitation to live a rich and unique experience, worthy of a real theme park!

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