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Nice University Hospital




Mapping architectural


Nice University Hospital

Faced with the Covid-19 health crisis, the population was able to count on the unfailing investment of the professionals at the Nice University Hospital. These men and women played a decisive role in managing the pandemic.

A gigantic animated fresco constantly broadcast images of the daily life of these anonymous heroes. Their devotion and passion have moved the hearts of the people of Nice. The Niçois University Hospital Center is a French public health establishment bringing together 8 establishments located in Nice and Tende, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

It was with the creation of the Nice Faculty of Medicine in 1973 that the hospital center received the name of university establishment. Specializing in care, teaching, research and innovation, the Nice University Hospital is now one of the largest health establishments in France.

Agency: Terre d’Événements

Client: Nice University Hospital

Animation and Architectural Mapping: Studio HUGE

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